Who is DAF for?

DAF is for emerging artists with a strong track record of artistic achievement and production. Applicants must be Malaysian citizens, with priority given to artists who reside in Malaysia and actively contribute to the arts scene.

For collaborative projects, the lead applicant must be Malaysian or a Permanent Resident of Malaysia, and must undertake the full administrative and financial responsibility, as well as play a key role in the conceptualisation and creation process. Proposals that involve collaborations with foreigners are eligible. Priority will be given to applications where the artistic team is 50% Malaysian.

Collaborative projects are activities that result in shared ownership. Co-applicants must contribute directly to the creation process, and share equal rights and credits to the completed work.

The artistic team can include, but is not limited to, the producer, conductor, choreographer, director, composer, writer, performer, playwright, lyricist and translator, among others.


Who is not eligible to apply for a grant from DAF?

DAF will not consider applications where the applicant or any of its collaborators have been awarded a grant to participate in the KLIAF more than twice in the last 3 years.


NOTE: Funding / Grant Guidelines

While we celebrate diversity of expression and open, balanced dialogue in the arts, as a body disbursing Government funds, DAF has the responsibility to prioritise funding to proposals which do not: