• Bangsawan Dewa Kencana

    15 - 17 Sep

    Auditorium DBKL
  • RM 50 (Premier), RM 25, RM10

    Book now at 03-2614 8200 / 03-2617 6289

Bangsawan Dewa Kencana

This year, the classical Malay theater presents Bangsawan Dewa Kencana – a story of kings
and ancient warriors in a drama of treason, deceit, and magic.

Raja Kiabang Indera wishes to rule Tanah Selendang Mahkota. Fuelled by his greed and
ambition, he murders Raja Demara Muazar. With his dying breath, Raja Demara Muazar
conveys his last wish to Wangsa Jati – for Wangsa Jati’s son, Kencana Demara, to rule Tanah
Selendang Mahkota.

Months pass, and Wangsa Jati prepares Kencana Demara to become the rightful heir to the
Tanah Selendang Mahkota throne. However, Raja Kiabang Indera uses that time to wreak
havoc, and using black magic, manages to tear apart the people of Tanah Selendang Mahkota.
Will Kencana Demara succeed in becoming ruler? Will there hope for the people of Tanah
Selendang Mahkota? Find out at the performances!