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  • The Breath of Dragons

    30 Sep & 01 Oct
    11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m.

    Twenty20Two Studio
  • General admission - RM 30


    Limited to 200 pax per performance


The Breath of Dragons
Malaysia / France / Italy

Theatre de la Cour and The Jumping JellyBeans bring you a trilogy of dragon stories articulated
in an interactive, theatrical style, using masks, wayang kulit and life-sized puppets. Children and
the young at heart will get to interact with The Dragon from Terni, The Child and the Dragon,
and The Nuraghi’s Dragon performed in different theatrical styles that will no doubt delight
children and adults alike.

The Dragon from Terni
Legend has it that near Terni, in the swampy mosquito-infested waters, there lived a dragon
with very bad breath. No one had ever seen what he looked like besides his two huge eyes and
nostrils that surface from the swamp from time to time. His breath was so foul that a horrible
stench was carried by the winds into the city. Want to know how a little boy cured the breath of
the dragon? Head on to Twenty20Two Studio on 30 September or 1 October to find out!

The Child and the Dragon
On a mountaintop near the Alps, there was a quaint little village perched among the woods. The
villagers there lived a happy contented and peaceful life until… a dragon moved into the
outskirts of the woods. At night, the villagers could see bright flashes of light accompanied by
loud thunderous roars. They were terrified and shut themselves in their homes scared out of

their wits. A courageous little boy has a secret that eventually saved his village from the fire-
breathing dragon.

The Nuraghi’s Dragon
In Baunei, a little village in the province of Nuoro on the island of Sardinia, lived a dragon that
had the power to turn people to stone by staring into their eyes. It was for this reason that
villagers always turned their faces away whenever he walked the streets. A brave young girl
helped her village and confronted the dragon face to face without being turned to stone!
The actors will also be conducting workshops with selected schools within the city center.