• 2020: Futurists’ Diaries

    23 Sep 2017
    8:30 p.m.

    24 Sep 2017
    3:00 p.m.

    Auditorium DBKL
  • General admission – RM 58
    Students – RM 38

2020: Futurists’ Diaries
Malaysia / Albania / Germany

Toccata Studio presents 2020: Futurists’ Diaries, a boundary-pushing multi-disciplinary performance featuring a high-profile creative team led by Ng Chor Guan, one of the most sought-after composers in Malaysia, who is also the concept and Artistic Director; Brigel Gjoka, formerly of the Forsythe Company as dramaturg; multi-award winning Steve Goh as choreographer and dancer; and architect turned prize-winning installation artist, Lisa Foo, as set and costume designer - all pulled together by the indefatigable Creative Producer, Tan E-Jan.

The creative team will explore the ideas of mobility and time travel via a narrative of clones receiving diaries of great thinkers and creators from different times across history. This simple narrative examines and interrogates the idea of humanity – are clones human? If they were, what transformative effect would the information from the diaries produce?

A thought-provoking performance that includes three different groups comprising professional dancers, non-professional performers and a mixture of artists and scientists performing elements of their field on stage, Futurists’ Diaries is a reminder and a call to working actively on the paths toward better futures.