Award winning photographer Nabil Rosman – more insights


Our 18-year-old Hasselblad Master who hails from Kota Bharu, Kelantan is nervous and excited to have his work showcased to the public for the first time as his normal mode of highighting his work is via his Instagram account.
He shares with us on how DiverseCity’s KLIAF is a prestigious festival as its not merely just another big festival but one that has its main focus on promoting the arts as well as the culture to the public. He says it feels unreal to be a part of a festival of this magnality.

On photography

To Nabil, to be a photographer is akin to being a storyteller. Therefore prior to thinking about the composition of the photo, he normally asks himself the question, ‘What do I want to say with this photo?’
Nabil favours black & white photography as he wants his audience to delve into the deeper meaning of what he wants to convey, i.e. the soul of the work. Thus he prefers to not have colours in his photos as he thinks they distract the audience.
As the photography is done in black and white, Nabil shoots in the morning and evening for natural light. He patiently waits for the ideal illumination of the subject matter before taking the photo.
Project //21
When asked on what inspired his winning photography, he accredits the photographer Alex Stoddard. Browsing Stoddard’s work on Flickr inspired Nabil on using his body to express emotions in his photography.
Nabil was hanging out with his friends up when they stumbled on an abandoned house. He asked himself if there was anyone staying in the house and pondered if it might be a drug addicts’ lair when the idea of ‘Trapped Soul’ came to his mind. He asked his friend to help him with it and the team managed to take photos depicting the dark side of drug addiction.
Catch Nabil’s specially commisioned work for KLIAF all over Kuala Lumpur in September:

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