“I Am Ravana”- 5 min with the artistic director of Saraswati Mahavidhalaya

Dr Sarasa Krishnan, Saraswati Mahavidhalaya’s (SMV) vice president and artistic director shared with us some thoughts about performing “I am Ravana” for the first time outside Australia at the Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2018.
What do you hope to achieve from your performance?

From an artistic standpoint, we are re-examining and deconstructing known notions of Good and Bad, of hero and villain, and seek to shake the flimsy structure that we as a society hold on to. It is also exciting to note how we see ourselves being reflected in the characters we are portraying.

Consequently, we hope to create a similar thought provocation in the audience and possibly experience a mutual journey. But above all, we hope to engage the audience and give them something to take away with a lasting smile. 

Is this your first time performing at DiverseCity? How do you feel about it?

Yes, this is the first time for us at this festival. Let’s pray that the universe aligns for us to keep coming back. 

What do you hope for the audience to learn from the performance I Am Ravana?

It is our hope that all the above will be somehow assimilated through our performance and most importantly, that a tale like the Ramayana, rich in allegory and filled with human and superhuman achievements is never waived away as a mere myth but as living truth.

Our take on this epic, is one that not only highlights the inner turmoil of (the so-called villain) Ravana but also illuminates the fact that he too shares similar experiences as all of humanity and that he is neither a monster nor a god, but like us lives within that liminality that makes us so human. 

“I am Ravana”

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