“I AM RAVANA”- The Villain in the Spotlight




Presented by Australian-based arts and culture organisation Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (SMV) in collaboration with the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) Inner Space Dance (TFA’s performing wing), “I am Ravana”, is a visual feast of dance, song and drama based on the timeless Indian epic – The Ramayana.

This version of the timeless classic- The Ramayana, comes with a twist. According to Sarasa Krishnan SMV’s Vice President, “Usually the focus is on Rama, an Indian superhero who is the perfect son, brother, warrior, husband and King. However, in this contemporary production, we want to focus on the so called “bad guy” of the story, the demon king Ravana, and what motivated his actions.”

In “I am Ravana” the age old epic has been re-imagined and choreographed by the two arts organisations to explore the shades of grey in Ravana’s motivation & desire and is framed by the last moments of his life, when he asks humanity, “Why do you rejoice in my death?”

The line between Good and Evil characters is usually very well defined in traditional epics. However “I am Ravana” seeks to delve deeper into the psyche of Ravana which in fact reflects the inner turmoil within each of us. A struggle that most of the audience will surely be able to relate to.

Sarasa Krishnan comments that “Ravana is usually portrayed as a one-dimensional evil demon. However, Ravana was a great warrior, an excellent ruler and a scholar with extraordinary knowledge of the arts and sciences. Shedding the light on Ravana’s cultured background as well as his immense devotion to Lord Shiva, this show asks the audience to consider the multifaceted shades behind every story, event and person.”

SMV’s website: https://www.smv.org.au/

Temple of Fine Arts website:http://www.tfa.org.my

“I am Ravana”


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