Wolfe Bowart at KLIAF


Wolfe Bowarte’s performances have left a lasting impression on audiences at KLIAF since his debut at the festival in 2016.

In an interview with BFM Radio in 2017, Wolfe likens his work as an artist to taking people on an endorphin awakening journey to make them laugh and be happy, an experience he describes as “a gym for the soul”. At the same time most of Wolfe’s storylines also carries underlying messages on topics he feels strongly about.

We take a walk down memory lane to remember “La La Luna” & “Letters End“.

La La Luna (2015)

La La Luna is a surreal tale about the night the light went out in the moon. Wolfe plays the moon’s caretaker who struggles to re-light the darkened moon again against an enchanting loony dreamscape.

The critically accclaimed La La Luna has been described as “luminously inventive and magically silly” by The Age.

Wolfe says this “visual poem” has an important message. By evoking child like wonder in the audience with his trademark use of “magical realism”, he reminds us that “we need to dream more, be creative and relax”.

Letters End (2017)

Letters End is a tale of a man who inhabits a magical lost letter office. When investigating the more interesting parcels, our hero discovers familiar personal items, former possessions which spark long-lost memories.

Robert Jarman from The Mercury noted “the show combines comedy and pathos, mime, magic and sleight of hand, shadow puppetry, film and sound in an exemplary and enchanting mix. The sheer amount of invention is staggering”

Entertainment aside, Wolfe has said that Letters End is about “memories you are making in your life”, “creating your stories and history” by “listening to your elders…” and “looking back or looking forward on your life”.

Letters End was nominated for a Helpmann award for Best Touring Regional Production in 2010.

BFM interview with Lee Soon Heng

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Cloud Soup by Wolfe Bowart

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