Musings: Khair Ngadiron


Khair Ngadiron is Managing Director of the National Translation Institute (ITBM), erstwhile poet and literary fan


The Festival (KLIAF) is unique as it invites us to celebrate the arts in many ways so that Kuala Lumpur will be seen as one of the cities in the world known for its greatness in both economic developments, without leaving behind the commercial value of its arts and heritage.

Since its inception in 2015, local and international artists have participated in DiverseCity KLIAF through its different genres. Traditional, dance, literature, comedy and music genres offer the combination of various arts programmes.

Literature can be viewed as a melting pot for an ensemble of poets and artists.

Under the Literature genre, ITBM organised various arts and literature programmes including ASEAN Poetry Gathering is the main feature of the Literature genre an ensemble of ASEAN poets. Last year the event was combined with Syair – a form of Malay traditional poems. Syair Alam Melayu Nusantara was one of the main programmes featured in 2016.

Besides poetry, ITBM also organised ASEAN monodrama, and KL LePark to showcase to the audience. Wayang Kulit Kelantan and Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningo (Japan) were featured in 2015 as an additional programme complimenting the literature genre.

Every year, I look forward to be collaborating with Datin Sunita Rajakumar who is more than capable of advocating, developing and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives, by supporting a range of activities across genres from theater, digital art, music to literature, fine art and crafts.

The philosophy she upholds embodies the belief that arts and culture impact people, health and well-being, education, society and the economy in many positive ways. Arts and culture inspire and bring diverse communities together; they educate us about ourselves; and help us to appreciate other cultures around the world. Arts and culture enrich quality of life and promote harmony.

About this Arts Practitioner

Mohd Khair Ngadiron, born in Muar, Johor, has been the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM) since December 2007.

In the field of education, he has wide experience as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and the Malaysian Legal System.

In addition to holding the post of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM), he is also the Executive Chairman of 1Malaysia Bookstore (KB1M) and a Board Member of Perbadanan Kota Buku (PKB). Mohd Khair has presented working papers at local and overseas seminars, such as the Academia Round Table Conference, the International Book Conference and National Book Awards 2012, the XIX World Congress of the International Federation of Translators (FIT) in San Francisco, USA, the First International Conference of Islamic World Publishers in Tehran, Iran and recently at the Russia-ASEAN University Forum in Vladivostok, Russia.


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