Welcoming Back- the Luminous Wolfe Bowart!!!


Physical comedian, actor and playwright Wolfe Bowart will return to Kuala Lumpur for the third time this September to perform the World Premiere of his most intimate work to date- “Cloud Soup” at the Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival.

Bowart is the creator and performer of the enchanting physical theater productions “LaLaLuna” and “Letter’s End”. He captured the hearts of our festival audience when these two plays were performed at the 2016 & 2017 editions of the KLIAF respectively.

We spoke to Wolf recently about his special relationship with KLIAF and what we should expect from “Cloud Soup”.

Please describe your experience and reception to your work at the previous (DiverseCity) festivals and why you think it is unique.

This being the third time we’ve been at the festival it’s starting to feel like home. I see some of the same faces in the audience, and in the festival staff. We’re starting to feel a bit like family. We’ve had some profound and moving experiences at the DiverCity Festival partly due to the nature of our work but as much to do with the audiences that have been invited and come to the performances. People for many different backgrounds and cultures and ages and stages in their life. It’s humbling.

Why did you decide to have the world premier of Cloud Soup in Kuala Lumpur?

Cloud Soup is a new work exploring they way human’s look at each other. Our differences and our commonalties. It’s about US vs.THEM. I can’t think of a more perfect place to premier a show about humanity then at a festival who’s very title speaks to the ideas I’m exploring in this new work – Cloud Soup.

What do you hope for Cloud Soup to convey to the audience in Malaysia?

Cloud Soup is a comedy. It’s fun and funny and it’s also full of self reflection and ultimately hope and compassion for humanity.





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