From the Desk of the Festival Director: Behind the Festival logo



Many of us find KL fascinating – we’ve lived here for years, for some all our lives, and the diversity of this city never ceases to fascinate.

I often say that Kuala Lumpur is arguably the only city in the world which can pull off an authentic Asian-based performing arts festival. 

After all, if a live performance is a conversation between the artists & creative team and their audience, you can be sure to expect a wealth of diverse backgrounds not just on stage and back stage but also seated in the theatre: last year, the Festival hosted visitors from at least 20 countries.

After much discussion with our Designer, William Harald Wong, he decided to emphasise the diversity of the city through the initials KL itself. It started with an explosion of colour for the basic logo:


Visitors will see many facets of Kuala Lumpur during their visit to this beautiful fascinating city.

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