Guest Writer: Mrs Rama Devi Prasad 


Before I arrived in Melaka, I spent twenty four years in Singapore, where I had the opportunity to work with the Museum in setting up exhibitions on the Indian cultural section, which helped me strengthen my own knowledge of presentation in the process.

I believe strongly in the importance of encouraging the Arts and people expressing themselves in a measured manner to raise awareness of the diversity of thought, expressions and feelings.

Our world is amazing and one individual cannot alone visualise nor appreciate it all. Therefore, these festivals are vital to expose creativity and encourage initiatives.

I subscribe to them all, music, dance, lectures and literature but above them all theatre is my favourite. It is electric the connection between actor and audience, something films can never replace.

I feel very sad when I meet people who have never been to a play. And so in Melaka, I started producing and directing plays in English hoping to teach even as I entertain.

Scrolling down the list of exciting events of KL Diverse City 2018’s feast of a fest, I was arrested by the lean, upper torso of a young male, photographed by the Malaysian artiste, Nabil Rosman. The angle of light captures the left shoulder blade neatly, thus creating a gentle shadow which actually highlights the still yet latent energy of the subject waiting for something…. but what ?
And that’s the point. For as I went on to read about him he says he wants his compositions to tell a story and the wonderful thing is that each viewer will read his own story depending on the viewer’s frame of mind !
Now, I needed to get into HIS head and so I threw him a slew of questions which he kindly and most eloquently fielded. And this from someone who claims to be “a man of few words”!
Do you listen to music to inspire you, do you observe yourself in different moods, do you sometimes see an emptiness, do you read poetry and to all of the above he had plenty to say. Cheerful music for street scenes where human activity exists, and the instrumental cinematic music for more introvert reflective work.
Tony Anderson is one of his favourites  to create  the vibes he needs to get him going. His sensitivity to light and shadow is intense as he says he likes to work with natural lighting and it would seem that he feels most comfortable when wrapped by Nature.
Like many artistes, he said he does often get waves of self doubt and wondering about the purpose of it all and then Nature comes to the rescue by setting up the perfect light to capture a unique reflection of a mood or feeling. He is then lifted up once more and ready to take on the world!
This wonderful positive energy must be his youth and likely to take him far, I thought. His response to my question about what he felt about commercial assignments was pleasantly honest and delightful. They had not come his way, but yes, he would approach them as a challenge because he liked challenges and was open to seeing the world from another’s perspective and so helping to illustrate their goals.
Well, I wish him good luck and it will be fun to see his one click speak a thousand words !

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