5 min with: Saw Teong Hin


 We were delighted to be able to interview renown Malaysian director Saw Teong Hin for the Festival Blog ahead of his much awaited talk at the CoMEL event in conjunction with KLIAF2018.

Tiong Hin will also be making an appearance at our free movies screenings at the low-cost flats Perumahan Awam Seri Tioman 1 on 2 September 2018.


Why have you chosen to give this talk at DiverseCity KL 2018?

 Any opportunity to reach an audience whether via my work or in person is always welcome. Given how challenging life, particularly creative life, can be, any help or benefit this sharing may bring, is truly rewarding.

You have explored many genres in your work but the film that was most personal to you was last year’s “You Mean The World To Me”. Can you please elaborate on what made you decide to make this movie which undoubtedly reawakened many sleeping demons from your childhood and its relevancy to the theme of the CoMEL event “Unleashing Personal Stories”.

 Everything about YMTWTM was for me more instinct than calculation. I wrote the film script 7 years prior to it being made. Reason being my want to do something more true to myself. And nothing can be more “true” than a personal story. However I couldn’t find the financing for it. But when the time was right, the opportunity to stage it as a play presented itself. The success of which then lead to the film being made. 

What do you hope to achieve from this talk and who do you hope to reach out to?

 Am not sure of the profile of the attendees. The important thing for me is simply the act of sharing.

What genre is your favourite? Will we ever see you directing a blockbuster action movie, an area you have not ventured into as yet?

 I love challenging myself. Many more mountains to climb.

Which directors have influenced your work the most? 

Actually it’s more the films than the directors themselves. Pather Panchali. Raise the Red Lantern. Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Oasis. Rashomon. Comrades: Almost A Love Story. The list goes on and on.

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