Streets of Kuala Lumpur – by Nabil Rosman


“For this exhibition, I wanted to focus more on people’s daily life.

It may seem like a usual view for us, but how often do we ever, for a moment, appreciate those little things that happen around us?

What I want to achieve with all the themes is to capture those moments, for the audience to actually realise how important it is for us to appreciate every moment in life.

There are 3 themes; “A Bit of Kuala Lumpur’, “Living the Life”, and “Tradition”. Each theme has its own story.

A Bit of Kuala Lumpur” is a series of street photos taken at Chow Kit, the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Man reading newspaper alone, friends playing chess while waiting for customers, these are common for some people, yet how many of us cherish that opportunity to be a part of that moment?

Living the Life” is a series of portraits where you can see the smiles and joy. Even though they are not living in luxury, yet they managed to feel happy with what they have at the moment. After all, money is not everything in life.

Tradition” means “behaviour passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.” This series is focusing on traditional job that has been a symbol for our uniqueness as Malaysian.

Why black and white? My friend once said, “When you photograph people or something in colour, you photograph the visual things; their clothes. But when you photograph it in black and white, you photograph their soul; the deeper meaning of a photo.”

And I have been holding on to her words for a while now. To me, black and white is more than just a plain colour, but rather a colour of mystery.”

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