“Nothing short of brilliant”


Thank you to BFM and Lim Soon Heng for their radio interview of Wolfe Bowart just before the world premiere of Cloud Soup. Listen to the entire interview here.



Soon Heng: I stand in awe because of [Wolfe’s] many skills, it is nothing short of mesmerising, captivating, compelling, engaging, delightful. It is nothing short of brilliant.

Wolfe: Sharing a meal is a simple metaphor for inclusivity…. all of his shows are family-friendly for kids and adults, the thread that runs through all shows are caring for your community, neighbours, global compassion, it’s about humanity and the global village. If I create a visual series of images that can be interpreted…. we see a man being compassionate for his neighbours and inviting them in for a meal…

This festival is exactly that, even the name, the city is very multi-cultural – this piece was created for this festival, the perfect place to premiere it.

Adults take delight in seeing childrens theatre…. we were all children once and we still have that in us….. if given the permission to laugh, having children in the audience gives us that permission to laugh.

There’s magic in this show, to further the story…. there’s a lot of subtleties and elements… forcing myself to go back to the more intimate performance works…. feedback is very valuable in terms of story….

Hopefully people leave having conversations about this “soup” we’re in together.


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