28 & 29 SEP 2018 8.30PM

Makyong: Anak Raja Tangkai Hati


Call/Whatsapp +(60)12–953 5300 / +(60)12–518 6452 to purchase tickets


RM20 General
(50% discount for senior citizens, students & differently abled)


Anak Raja Tangkai Hati was a prince from Sekota Batu who sailed out to find knowledge and experience. While on this journey, he was spotted by Puteri Bota, an Ogre Princess, who disguised herself as a beautiful woman named Puteri Mayang Mengurai and made Anak Raja Tangkai Hati promise to marry her.

Anak Raja Tangkai Hati continued his voyage to a country named Negeri Kota Mengkuang. The state was ruled by Raja Besar who had a daughter named Puteri Cempaka Mas. Anak Raja Tangkai Hati and Puteri Cempaka Emas fell in love and got married. They were soon blessed with two offspring.

One day, Anak Raja Tangkal Hati and his family returned to Sekota Batu by sailing through Puteri Bota’s territory. Princess Bota was very angry when she discovered that Anak Raja Tangkai Heart was married to Princess Cempaka Mas and she sought revenge against him. Finally, with the assistance of Bentara Guru, Puteri Bota was defeated.

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About the Artist

Makyong Kijang Emas Group JKKN Kelantan

The Makyong Apprenticeship Program was set up in 2006 by the National Department for Culture and Art (JKKN) Kelantan.

Its establishment was the result of the recognition of Makyong by UNESCO as “Intangible Heritage” in 2005 and the certificate of appreciation being awarded to the Kelantan State Tourism Industry Traditional Art Support Group by KDYMM the Sultan of Kelantan on 3 December 2008. The Makyong Kijang Emas Group has been under the National Department for Culture and Art (JKKN Kelantan) since November 2011.

Since then, an 18 member Makyong group has been actively performing Makyong all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Among the stories or stories of Makyong that are often presented are Raja Muda Tiong Winara, Raja Besar Ho Gading, Tuan Puteri Jerijit Emas, Raja Panah, Indera God, Indera Dewa and others.

The mentor and coach to this group is Puan Ruhani Mohd Zin, who is well known in Kelantan as a legendary Makyong artist.


 In 2005, UNESCO declared Makyong as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”


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