9 SEP 2018 8PM

Spectrum: Xún–Sara Heng



RM50–Dcard Member



Last year, “Spectrum” was very well received by the audience and once again this September over four nights, the Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC) will gather renown local musicians for another musical feast.

This time, the arrangement and presentation of the songs will be based on the interpretation of oriental classical and Western classic instruments, and the addition of musical instruments with strong Malaysian characteristics.

The Guzheng, is a traditional Chinese string musical instrument with a 2,500 year old history.

Sara Heng explores the sound of the guzheng using innovative methods to present a performance reverberating with inner strength.

The performances presented by DPAC always involves the exploration of various elements.

Read more on the Festival blog here.

About the Artist

Sara Heng

Sara Heng completed her Guzheng master studies as a research student at the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing under the tutelage of Associate Professor Ji Wei and auspices of the Beijing Government Scholarship after having graduated with a degree in Guzheng at the same institution with full scholarship from the China Scholarship Council. She actively participated in competitions and her achievements including winning the gold medal of the musical instruments competition of conservatories in China. Sara performs internationally across Singapore,China,Japan,Korea and Cambodia.


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