Festival Outreach: Seri Tioman 1 (Part II)


This photo was taken by one of the children from Seri Tioman 1
after a photography workshop run by David Lok from Studio DL.
“Budak budak dekat sini bukannya jahat, ada remaja yang suka lepak kenapa, mereka takda motivasi nak keluar cari kerja, setakat kerja kilang, budak remaja mana nak kerja macam tu dah. Kalau nak sambung belajar pun, duit bukannya ada”
“The kids here are not bad people. We see them hanging out around the area, they have no motivation to find jobs especially if its factory work, young people are not willing to work like that. Even if they would like to further their studies, it’s not as though they can afford it.”

Extract from a blog post by our MBA intern Marina.

Read more about this project in our blog.

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