DeafBeat: Let Those Who Can’t Hear Be Heard


Music is a form of expression that is able to reach to the hearts of many. For musicians, it could act as a tool for them to express their emotions, feelings, wants and needs or could be used to reach out to other people in ways words may never be able to. For the people who listen to music, it could be a good motivator to get through tough days or to unwind at the end of a long and tiring day at work. Whatever it is, music is always a part of life as it can be heard in almost everywhere.

But what happens when you cannot hear a single sound? Would a person still be able to express themselves though music or would they be lost to this way of self expression? This is where DeafBeats comes in.

Formed in 2007, DeafBeats represents a group of performers who are hearing impaired that shares a passion in in music. It aims to inspire and allow others, not only with hearing disabilities but also other forms of disabilities, to go out there and achieve things that they believed was impossible. Muji Lee, coach for the DeafBeat group mentions that “The objective is very clear, to let them approach music and to give them more confidence as well as to create awareness to the public.”

Muji mentions that the group hopes to reach out to the deaf community and show them that it is possible for them to be able to learn and express themselves through music despite their disabilities. He says that there are still many hearing impaired people still lack the belief in themselves that they are able to pursue music. He hopes that through the performances of the DeafBeat group, it will encourage more people within the deaf community to try out this form of self expression.

DeafBeat welcomes all people with hearing impairment to come and take the opportunity to be able to learn something new and exciting. They hope to help provide the means for people in the deaf community to be able to express themselves through the use of music. “We really welcome the public to come and visit them [DeafBeat], to come and know about them. We also hope, especially for the deaf community, that they can come and join us as a drummer”.

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