Encore Melaka – How it all began


The state of Melaka is a state that is rich. By rich, it is meant that Melaka is rich in history and culture. From its people to its historical locale, there are many stories that can be told just by walking around the streets of Melaka. It is these qualities that attracted the attention of Wang Chaoge, one of the three founding members of Impression Series and chief director of Encore Melaka.

Impression Series is established in the year 1998 by 3 internationally renowned directors, Wang Chaoge, Zhang Yimau and Fan Yue. Together, they pioneered what is called real-scene performances in China which utilises real outdoor sceneries and locations as the stage for their performances. Since its establishment, Impression Series has garnered critical and commercial success not only in China but also internationally.

With such a grand reception both locally and internationally, they have received many invitations from many different countries to have this performance brought outside of China. “There are all together 150 countries and cities bidding for this project”, said Long Tyan Poh, general manager of Encore Melaka.

The story of how such a grand and celebrated performance came the historical land of Melaka began with a vision and a desire of Datuk Wira Boon Kuang Loon, group CEO of Yong Tai Berhad. It all started when a friend of his visited Melaka for a few days and after going to all the local attractions, they felt as though there is nowhere else to go. “He was looking for a new attraction to his hometown. He wanted to contribute and build something meaningful”.

From there, Datuk Wira Boon Kuang Loon wrote to Zhang Yimou, one of the 3 founders of Impression Series. With just that letter, it sparked the beginning of the establishment of Encore Melaka. After visiting the sites in Melaka and falling in love with the diversity and harmony along with its historical and cultural richness, Impression Series decided to set its stage in Melaka.

Encore Melaka was established in 7th July 2018. With the collaboration of Wang Chaoge as the director of their performances, they have opened their doors to the public and deliver many truly magical performances since their establishment.


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