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What is CoMeL?

The best way to describe CoMeL is TED talks to inspire the best children’s content.

Is CoMeL for children?

CoMeL is targeted for all producers of children’s content- including books, illustrations, films, animation, music. Generally producers and publishers tend to be * adults * but children are also now capable of producing their own content

We at CoMeL believe that strictly there is no “children’s content”, only good content. We used to all watch P Ramlee, listen to Elvis and Sinatra growing up and read LAT – and guess what? We are still doing all of the above today
So truly there is just “good content” and the best of stories will endure.

Children should just be given the best stories in whatever medium as early as possible so that we start nurturing best minds and hearts to produce the best content.

How is CoMeL different from a literary festival ?

Most book festivals spotlight exclusively authors and illustrators. We have expanded the CoMeL Stage to showcase beyond authors and have featured visual artists, cartoonists, film directors, musicians, comedians, educationsts and a baker! After all a sensitive writer is inspired by all of his elements..

At CoMeL, we also want to bring back shared spaces between adults and children, listening to the same stories and ultimately reminiscing the same experiences..

” I never would have imagined that an event such as this would exist, well anywhere in the world; […] as I think stories are an important part of our lives, and especially for children.To open the world of story telling in what ever medium be it writing, recitals, film making, theatre or literature. And of course literature as everything starts from the writing.
Standing there in front of everyone, and especially the children really reminded me of what it was like for me when I was a child, and this then forced me to find a language and a way of of speaking and thinking with children, so it is important in the best way possible, it teaches both the teller and the listener about stories, as much as about the art of telling, of engaging with one another, and about the values of stories and literature in our community and culture…”

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