Batu Muda PPR Dance Classes


Written by Festival intern Allia:


Little dancers everywhere!

DiverseCity organised a special dance class for the residents living in the Batu Muda People’s Housing Project (PPR). This is the first dance class that is targeted for the kids of the PPR flats there. However, there were even some enthusiastic parents who joined in on the action as the session went on.

The first class was aimed to provide a very active and interactive introduction to what is to come for the dance classes. A graduate from the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA), Nurhanis, was brought in to teach the participants the art of traditional Malay dances. For the first lesson, the attendees were treated with the elegant dance Zapin.

Many of the kids were excited to be able to learn the steps to the Zapin dance. We can see their energy and excitement as they were treated with a step by step tutorial on a simple routine. Coupled with the talented showcase of dance moves by the instructor, the lesson was a great introduction as the kids were able to have loads of fun while expressing themselves through the dance moves.

Parents were delighted to see that the class has had a positive effect on the kids as they were very happy with being able to learn and perform the art. Some of the parents were excited enough to join the kids as well!

With great music, inspiring instructions from the guest teacher, elegant dance moves and happy little dancers, the class was an astounding hit with the participants. The reception was very fruitful with many of the participants showed a great deal of interest in the classes to come.

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