Growing Active Learners at Primrose


Primrose Hill Active Learning is an international school that is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is one of 2 branches of the school with the first branch being a nursery and preschool. This branch opened for children at the primary level. The primary school is located at Intermark Mall on the 3rd floor. This branch opened its doors on May 2017.

Primrose Hill follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum from the UK. However their teaching methodology is different from other schools. They are an active leaning centre with a teaching methodology that focuses on actively getting their students involved in the classrooms. Their classes are specially planned and include many hands on activities and games that would invoke an interest within their students to learn while carrying out the activities.

“The kids are constantly moving. They are always in action doing things and basically the children are in charge. Instead of the teacher standing in front of the kids for 50 minutes and the kids just sit and watch, it’s the other way round”, said Selbi Yusupova, the manager of the school.

Classrooms are open and colourful, filled with items and materials. They aim to create a safe, comfortable and conducive space where the children are able to utilise the entire space in the learning process.

Aside from academics, the school also put an emphasis on bringing up their students’ interest in the arts. They have recently opened up a new space in the school where it is specifically made for their programmes related to the arts. “We pay a lot of attention to arts, to children’s creativity because we believe they learn through expressing themselves. Through being able to show their originality and ideas”.

Primrose Hill also gets their students involved with the performing arts. They have a music and dance program that exposes the children to many different forms of dances and music. The school regularly have performances within Intermark Mall where the students will be the stars of the show. When asked how would getting the children involved with the arts help them, Selbi said “Arts, performances and crafts for younger kids are of more importance compared to academic subjects because it helps them to boost their confidence and express themselves; it helps them to get messy and messy play really promotes the child’s abilities to express, to learn and to develop.”

It is never a dull day here in Primrose Hill as the school is full of laughter and enjoyment from the students coupled with the engaging and interactive style of learning that comes with the school’s active learning strategies.

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