The Beginning of A New Day


Last year, KL DiverseCity have started an outreach programme aimed at helping the residence living in low-cost flats build themselves up through activities and programmes related to the arts. It began in the Seri Tioman People’s Housing Project (PPR) last year. It was met with an astounding response from the people living in the flats.

This year, KL DiverseCity begins to reach out to the residence of the Batu Muda People’s Housing Project. We began the launching of the programme with a colouring class for the kids living there.

Like many beginnings of any programme, the first activity serves as a teaser and a taster for those who will be involved. The activity was conducted at the Block E of the PPR flats with many of the residence from that block attending. The turnout was wonderful as there were many kids and parents alike who came and show their support for the programme. As it was the first activity, many of the kids were very shy but they showed tremendous support for the activity. Slowly but surely, the kids began to open up as we got to know them better and conduct the first colouring class with them.

The kids looked very enthusiastic as the class began. Many happy faces can be seen as they were able to choose their favourite picture to colour from a list of template found on the internet.

A truly fruitful beginning to the programme, many of the parents and kids show their interests and excitement towards future programmes that will be organised in Batu Muda.





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