Dipulau Sa dan Di – Director’s Cut


Director Taksu Zakaria of Studio Labu Sakti comments on this legendary play:

“The writer and playwright Dinsman has always been a big influence to me.

I started my debut directing his rebellious text entitled Protest, in 1989. It was then a success. After which it took a while before I ventured into his cult script entitled Bukan Bunuh Diri (BBD) which was deemed the most celebrated absurd play in Malaysia, first directed by the late Krishen Jit.

As a youngster I was also drawn to it due to its rebellious nature but it was not until 2000, when I managed to find the courage to direct BBD. After the memorable staging at Experimental Theater (University Malaya Sawarak), I went on to staged this play few more times until the last stint in 2007.

The first time I went on to stage, I performed in a musical version of BBD. The late Khalid Salleh deemed it as “a new and refreshing idea” while Rosminah Tahir coined it as, “ada angin baru. Di Sarawak.” (“a new wind blows in Sarawak”)

Dipulau Sa dan Di (DPSDD), is yet another Dinsman cult play that has forever been in my wish list. It drew some provoking moments before I finally decided to go on with the idea.

Being an old text, DPSDD presents multiple challenges to make it a reality on stage. The story might be cliche but it has the edge of emerging as a rejuvenated text which will be relevant to the 21st century. I feel it remains true, nostalgic and relevant.

Thus in came the social media perspective and this will be the turning point for DSDD. Written by Baby
Boomers, it will diminish the existing gap between Generation X, The Millennials and Generation Z.

Hoping for the best for this production.”


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