Diversecity in the Community at Intermark


This year, KL DiverseCity has brought back the KL International Arts Festival and it is bigger and better than ever before. Before the official launch of the festival, we started out with a variety of pre-festival performances and programmes at Intermark Mall.

In conjunction with this, we have also worked closely with the 3 locations involved in KL DiverseCity’s “Projek Komuniti Kita”. The idea was to bring the children and parents on a field trip style visit to the venue of our pre-festival activities for some educational fun.

On 25th August 2019, we were able to bring a total of 120 residents from PPR Seri Tioman, PPR Batu Muda, and Apartment Putra Ria. There were 75 children and 45 parents who came along to join the festivities.

There were 2 specially planned activities for the children to learn as they enjoy visiting the exhibitions that we had in Intermark Mall. The activities were a special Doodle Workshop by talented doodle artist ZamZamMee at the ground floor and a Storytelling and Photo hunt Workshop by the Humans of Kuala Lumpur team at Interart 313.

The residents were split into two groups where each group will be brought to the doodle workshop while the another group joins the activities on Interart 313. Parents were also split between the two groups to follow their children on their journey of blissful learning.

During the doodle workshop, each participant was provided with a workbook and taken through a step-by-step tutorial on simple doodling techniques. There was even a family from China who joined in as ZamZamMee was carrying out the hour-long workshop.

As for the storytelling and photo hunt workshop, it was done in a way where the participants will be split into groups and tasked with getting interesting stories out from random people they meet around them. These groups will then present of their stories to the audience along with a picture of the person they interviewed. This session also lasted for an hour.

With many happy faces and blissful cheers during each session of both the workshop, the activities were truly one that would be engraved in the memories of those who participated. “It is nice to be able to allow the children to come out and enjoy such activities”, said Puan Norliah, one of the parents who was satisfied with the programme.

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