Preserving heritage one dance step at a time


   Encore Melaka opened its doors on 7th July 2018 bringing with it an internationally renowned performance series from China called the Impression Series. Within the Impression Series, there are 9 shows since its establishment in 1998. The one that Encore Melaka houses is the first out of the 9 shows that is brought out of China.

Being chosen out of 150 countries and cities, Impression Series brings their internationally renowned production right to the heart of Melaka. The performances put out by Encore Melaka are something that has never been done in Malaysia.

Their story of the show focuses on Melaka and the rich heritage that it is known for. It takes audiences on a journey through the history of Melaka, highlighting the culture and the harmony that is present after hundreds of years. “We showcase Melaka cultural performance and we present Melaka heritage, culture and society through acting and dancing”, said Loh Tyan Poh, general manager of Encore Melaka. Their stories are told through a combination of songs, dance and scenery coupled with advanced, cutting edge stage production technology.

The performance is directed by world renowned director Wang Chaoge. Her inspiration for the performance in Encore Melaka stems from her time spent in Melaka when she visited to inspect the locations to bring the Impression Series. She was particularly touched with how the legacy left from the time Admiral Zheng He, better know as Laksamana Cheng Ho in Malaysia, came to Melaka still lives on today.

Through the story of the show, she aims to showcase the diversity that is present in Melaka living together in harmony. Although very different culturally and ethnically, society here is able to live together in peace and without much conflict. She integrates the history of Melaka together with how it has grown and developed into the way that it is today. “The director does not want to showcase the war scenes. That is not the focus of our show. She actually would like to present the experience of emotion, the peace and harmony of Melaka”.

Audiences will be in for a wild ride as they are whisked into the history of Melaka, experiencing a beautiful integration of songs, dances and acting that showcases the traditions, culture and beauty of past Melaka all the way to the present day.


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