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12 OCT 2019



What is CoMEL?

CoMeL is a children’s literary event involving a series of talks delivered by renown local and international writers of children’s books and other inspiring content which aims to create public interest in children’s literature, develop literary skills amongst young local writers and promote publication and production of children’s books.


Successful writers, illustrators and creators of children’s books share their candid experience and provide tips to aspiring amateurs and professionals alike. Our theme for this year is “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” – the child being an implied reference to the feature speaker’s significant project, collaboration or cause.

CoMeL literary events set itself apart from other literary programmes by focusing not just on books as a source of children’s stories, but also extending the spotlight on the multi-dimensional aspects of story-telling, including film, music and comedy. CoMeL showcases creators of children’s content across platforms to speak about what truly moves them to produce the content that they do. It is hoped that the themes will breathe life into content creators’ next monumental children’s books.

CoMeL is in its 4th year of storyfest and launched as part of the Kuala Lumpur Diversecity Arts Festival and aims to unite people who speak about what moves and shapes them as content creators. In line with our theme this year of “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” we have our own Kampung Boy, Datuk LAT joining us!

Calling all authors, illustrators and animation artists looking to produce children’s content. Come join us on the 12 October, at the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau for the exciting event.

We have a special allocation annually for refugee students with interest in the arts.


” I never would have imagined that an event such as this would exist, well anywhere in the world; […] as I think stories are an important part of our lives, and especially for children.To open the world of story telling in what ever medium be it writing, recitals, film making, theatre or literature. And of course literature as everything starts from the writing.

Standing there in front of everyone, and especially the children really reminded me of what it was like for me when I was a child, and this then forced me to find a language and a way of of speaking and thinking with children, so it is important in the best way possible, it teaches both the teller and the listener about stories, as much as about the art of telling, of engaging with one another, and about the values of stories and literature in our community and culture…”


“The spirit of inquiry, the speakers, the enthusiasm towards the importance of children’s literature creates an experience that was highly engaging, entertaining, and informative!”


See you there!

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