28 & 29 SEPT 2019 8.30PM

Dipulau Sa dan Di


Ticketed Admission


An almost, almost tragic love affair !

In the 70’s, Sa and Di decided to flee to an isolated island and their love bloomed. Sa who is a young woman fell in love for the wrong reason with Di,  a husband and  father of two children. They named their love nest Pulau Sa dan Di (The Island of Sa and Di).

For a  few days, it was almost paradise until they were intruded  by their family members. And thus, began the excruciating moment of separation and incarceration.

Being in confinement, time grinds slowly with every second bringing them to the edge of madness until a  glimpse of hope occurs via – Whatsapp! Through the latest social media application, they immerse themselves in words, emoticons, stickers, gifs and voice notes to satisfy their longing for each other.

This is love in digital hi-res!


About the Performers

STUDIO LABU SAKTI is a creative assemble formed by Taksu, a young energetic and experience dramatist who have been in the local theater scene since the 90’s. Studio Labu Sakti has been an influential creative force which witnessed the establishment producing a few significant productions since its inclusion as a registered society in 2014. It sculpts a vision of becoming a dynamic and vibrant organization.

After the inclusion of Melati Sarawak in KLIAF 2018, Studio Labu Sakti have been exploring new form of creative expression, looking for unchartered dimension to explore. We have been experimenting a  new realm of artistic persona.

Dipulau Sa dan Di, a text by the renowned dramatist Dinsman is chosen to be our next creative venture. In the creative mind of Taksu, the script underwent a significant transformation for being an old text of the 70’s into a new breath of air in the digital atmosphere. As a first of its kind, the journey during the play is almost an absurd and psychedelic experience. The means of communication has been regarded as the unthinkable during olden days but now it is an integral part of our daily life.– WHATSAPP !

Follow the journey of Sa and Di and enchant yourself in the world of social media.

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