22 & 23 AUG 2019 1PM & 5.30PM

Encore Melaka


Free Admission


Encore Melaka is a company that houses and delivers a form of performing arts that is unlike anything that has been done before here in Malaysia. Their shows are performed at their state of the art theatre and runs for 70 minutes per show.

Taking inspiration from the rich history and culture of Melaka, their performances takes audiences on a lovely journey through the stories of what makes Melaka a truly unique place. Combining state of the art technology in stage productions and the richness in diversity, culture and history of Melaka, people coming to watch the show will be transported to a whole new world filled with wonder and excitement as they are taken on a ride through 700 years of history.

In their performance at Intermark Mall, Encore Melaka will be delivering a dance performance that is inspired by the Nyonya Culture found in Melaka. The performance is 1 out of 7 scenes that are part of the whole show. It will highlight one of the modern scenes from the entire production and will act as a teaser that will showcase what people can expect when watching the full stage performance. It will also give a glimpse into the history and culture that Melaka is known for.

“We want to give audiences at Intermark a glimpse of Melaka culture with high technology production sets”, said Lang Tyan Poh, general manager of Encore Melaka.


About the Show

Excerpts from this large-scale production will be performed at the Intermark Mall. Don’t miss this chance! If you like what you see, you will also be able to buy tickets for this show from 21-23 August 2019.

Like any form of performance art, pulling off a large scale show is no easy task. They require co-ordination, teamwork and perfect synchronicity between all aspects of a production to be successful.

With that in mind, Encore Melaka has gathered 200 very talented and dedicated performers under one roof. The performers hail from all over Malaysia with the youngest of the cast is 18 years old and the oldest being 70 years old. A very diverse list casting, they are all from many different ethnic and cultural background who share a love and passion for the performing arts.

Under the direction and leadership of their director, Wang Chaoge, the team performs 2 shows every day. Wang Chaoge serves as the chief director of Encore Melaka. Being a one of the big 3 that founded and pioneered real-scene performances in China called the Impression Series, she has brought the performance to a huge commercial success. There are currently 9 Impression Series in China.

The one that is brought to Melaka is actually the first of the series that is located and performed outside of China. The reason for choosing Melaka as the setting for the first Impression Series outside of China is due to her falling in love with how harmoniously people of many difference cultures are able to coexist with respect and tolerance to the cultural differences that they have.

Please see more  info and tickets about the main  show  available online  here.

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