23-29 SEPT 2019 10am-10pm

Healing Through Art


Healing Through Art is part of the the inaugural Art Includes Festival 2019 in Kuala Lumpur with a mission to showcase disability arts and culture.

Healing Through Art will run at the Ruang by Think City venue on Sept 23-29, underlines the need for diversity when it comes to the social, cultural and professional development of people with disabilities.

Art Includes Festival 2019’s line-up offers a mix of international and homegrown highlights. American Vietnamese culinary superstar Christine Ha, who is blind, will be appearing at the festival. In 2013, Ha won the third season of the MasterChef competition, a popular TV series, and she is the proud owner of the Blind Goat restaurant in her hometown of Houston.

Nepalese dancer/choreographer Shristi K.C., who lost her eyesight at age 16, is also in the line-up. She runs Blind Rocks, an institute training the visually impaired in interpersonal skills, dance, fashion and adventure sports.

In the festival’s music programme, Dr Azariah Tan, a Singaporean almost-deaf pianist, is set to give a talk on his inspiring career. Tan suffers from bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, caused by a degenerative condition.

Lim Chia-Chien, a blind barista from Taiwan, is also slotted in to talk at the festival’s mini conference.

Patrick Teoh, a veteran radio deejay and theatre practitioneer, is among the list of homegrown speakers at the festival. He contracted polio when he was a child.

Blind photographer Jamaliah Mohd Yasin and teenager Wan Jamila Wan Shaiful Bahri (aka artjamila), an artist with autism, will be exhibiting their work.

According to Chan, one of the main highlights of the festival is the three-day conference, taking place from Sept 23-25. It features 50 NGOs and public agencies, 100 participants from the public sector, and 100 private and public university students.

Read more of the program available, visit their website here.

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