19 AUG - 22 SEPT 2019 10AM–10PM

Humans of KL ‘New Beginnings’ Photostory Exhibition


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Humans of Kuala Lumpur (HOKL) photographs the people of KL, documenting the transformation, changes and diversity of our people with portraits that present a personal glimpse of the humans living in KL photo by photo.
They personally believe that everyone – no matter how poor, rich, black, white, yellow, tall, short, beautiful or ugly you are, there is always a story to be told.
HOKL has transformed from being a story telling narrative into a social advocacy platform, recognizing its potential to influence, empower and educate Malaysians on important issues.
The trend first started with Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, and freelance photographer/photojournalist Mushamir Mustafa started Humans of Kuala Lumpur in 2012.
They are now a formidable and diverse team of 15 unique storytellers in the photography and videography medium, led by a leadership team of experienced individuals of different backgrounds and industries – whose mission is to change, influence, inspire, educate and create change amongst Malaysians – through what we do best, telling stories that touch people’s hearts.

Stories of Malaysia Exhibition

“New Beginnings” features never before exhibited 30+ photo-stories, showing unique, diverse Malaysians of various backgrounds and themes.

Every weekend,  join our Speaker series and storytellers on a photo-hunt  or share your stories at our ‘Story Party’. at Level 3, The Intermark.  This is your chance to meet the people behind your favourite stories, hear their stories live and learn from them!


Level 3, The Intermark (next to Klinik Segera)
Dates Proposed Events Time
24th Aug (Sat) Speaker Series I (Topic: New Beginnings) 3pm-5pm
25th Aug (Sun) Storytelling Workshop and Photohunt 3pm-5pm
7th Sept (Sat) Storytelling Party I (Topic: Pursuing your dream) 3pm-5pm
8th Sept (Sun) Speaker Series II (Topic: Mental Health) 3pm-5pm
21st Sept (Sat) Storytelling Workshop and Photohunt 3pm-5pm
22nd Sept (Sun) Storytelling Party I (Topic: Love/ Relationship) 3pm-5pm


Who Are We?

Humans of Kuala Lumpur (HOKL) is a social media based photojournalism project that photographs and tells the stories of the people of KL and Malaysia. It documents the transformation, changes and diversity of our people with portraits that present a personal, unique, touching, intimate and human glimpse of the humans living in KL and Malaysia, photo by photo.

HOKL has transformed from being a storytelling narrative into a social advocacy platform, recognising its potential to influence, empower and educate Malaysians on important issues.

HOKL has been a finalist for the DIGI WWWOW Awards under the Social Movement/Gathering Category and one of the panel members to consult the former Prime Minister on Malaysia’s Art & Culture scene.


Humans of Kuala Lumpur Team

Mushamir Mustafa founded Humans of Kuala Lumpur in September 2012, as a university student in Nottingham University. Previously, Mushamir was a photojournalist with Malaysian Digest and a stringer (reporter) at BERNAMA.

A TEDx Speaker on ‘How Storytelling Can Change the World’, Mushamir regularly conducts photography and storytelling workshops. His previous photographic work – ‘Faces of Sudan’, was the largest photographic exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan, displaying the diverse views of people, landmarks and unique heritage.


Team of Storytellers – 

Alaa Bakar hails from Syria and has been living in Malaysia for 9 years. His passion to volunteer with the Refugee community led him to start Give and Go, a social enterprise that empowers the refugees in Malaysia.

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury is a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activist from Bangladesh, with a vision to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. After losing her mother to diarrhea, Shomy initiated Awareness 360, which champions social change in 23 countries.

Rijve Arefin is a youth activist and a quality education campaigner, who is the Founding Co-Chair of the global, youth-led, voluntary organization “Awareness 360,” that empowers young people in 23 countries to do community service in line with the global goals.

Jane Teoh is an Accounting and Finance student and was Miss Universe Malaysia 2018. She is an advocate against cyberbullying and champions a kinder Internet with her #daretoshout campaign.

Ca-Ryn is a practicing lawyer and co-founder of Reconnect & Recharge, a social movement that champions self-care and meaningful human connection. Her great passion is in designing experiences and empowering others to increase self awareness, to express authentically and to recharge themselves.

Linda Rao is a wheelchair-bound social influencer who found her passion in modelling. She is an advocate for wheelchair-bound Malaysians and fights for their equal rights and treatment. She is also an accomplished motivational speaker who aims to inspire others with her life journey.

Maladavi is an advocate, trainer and consultant on Montessori Methodology and has experience working in Thailand, Indonesia, India and Australia. When her daughter, Visha, was identified as a slow learner, she was determined to provide a holistic learning experience for young children and founded Davi Consultant and MDC Training.

Visha is a mental health advocate and an accomplished writer, having published a book on her experience as a Schizophrenic patient. She is also a budding make-up artist and fashion designer, who is currently passionate about floral designs and would not let her mental health get in the way of achieving her dreams.


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