20,21,27,28 AUG 2019 1PM & 5.30PM

Primrose Hill – Dance & Music Performances


Free Admission


This year, the children of Primrose Hill  will be given the chance to show what they are made of with a special flash mob dance performance that promises to be exciting and engaging.  Teams of  children who are passionate about dancing are  choosen to participate in the performance and range from the age of 4 to 11 years old with  various  backgrounds.

Under the guidance of their talented dance teacher and choreographer Nasreen Hajibeigy, the children of the school have done many performances and are used to performing in front of an audience. The most recent event that the children had performed for was a performance for a graduation that is themed “We Are The Universe”. Nasreena noted that it was one of her favourite event. It was a performance that was like non other that they have done before with a very theme and vibes from the future. “It was kind of very futuristic themed. We had it like robotic and we had very futuristic movements, themes and outfits. So everyone was very expressive futuristically and it was very different of us to see that.”

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About the Performers

Primrose Hill Active Learning is actively trying to promote and build an interest in the arts within the young ones. They have many different programmes that cater to this including an arts and craft programme where the kids are able to express themselves through showing their creativity and originality. There is a special arts and crafts studio that is made to allow the kids to create anything related to arts and crafts with the supervision of the arts teacher. Primrose also has a music and dance programme that introduces their students to many different forms of performance arts. Among these are musical theatre, drama, music and dance.

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