29 & 31 AUG 2019 1PM

Studio2 Children’s Choral Speaking


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Studio2 is a group of choral speakers who have been performing since late 2017 and is coached by the passionate Rayhana Tong. This year, Studio2 will be performing titled “Young and Proud Malaysians”. The poem is about the things that the youth can be proud of being a Malaysian youth. It highlights the wonderful parts of the Malaysian culture such as the food that is available here in Malaysia, the natural beauty of the flora and fauna present in the country, the peace that Malaysia has maintained and enjoy for so many years and the wonderful mixture of races and cultures that live harmoniously in Malaysia.

The poem was written by Rayhana herself but the ideas within the poem were given by the group of kids involved in Studio2. She mentions that the process during the process of writing, she would ask the kids what they were grateful for being a Malaysian and having lived I this country.

“These are kids, primary school kids so to speak. So these are the ideas that they have when I said what makes you a young and proud Malaysian”.

The poem was actually written for a competition that was held in 2018 and was written for the theme of the competition. When asked why they are using the same poem for their performance this year, Rayhana states that as the performance is close to Malaysia’s Independence Day and Malaysia Day, the theme of the poem is in line with the celebrations. “It happens to be close to Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. So we thought to redo the poem in the short time that we have which is apt with whatever that the country is or the nation is about to celebrate”.

Rayhana hopes that the performance will be able to convey a message about the importance of preserving what we have in the country, the natural beauty that surround us for the generations to come and to keep the peace that we have enjoyed for so many years for many years to come.

She also hopes that Studio2 will be able to showcase what choral speaking is as well as the process and dedication it takes to create such a compelling and moving performance using only the voices, small gestures and facial expressions of the members. “This is choral speaking and its not something that can be done overnight. It takes time for us to come up with that one poem, to actually pronounce it and to set it all together at the same time”.

Rayhana invites all to come and enjoy the performance and see what choral speaking really is and what it can represent. “Come and watch us to find out what it really is!”

Video of the practice – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP1RDoQECGM&feature=youtu.be


About the Performers

Studio 2 has been performing the art of choral speaking since its formation back in late 2016 and has since then remained strong in the choral speaking scene. The members of the group consist of children from the age of 7 years old to 13 years old.

Read more about this group and their parents at the Festival blog here, excerpts below:

“Performing for this performance was actually possible but at first, it didn’t look possible because there was so little time.” -Kareena-

“It is tiring but fun at the same time because some parts of the poem is quite funny.” -Bethelle

“I learned a lot about teamwork and coordination. We cannot think of ourselves as alone. We succeed together and fail together. So it is important to understand each other and have the best team performance. From choral speaking, also, I have learnt about confidence in public speaking because someday, I know it is very important in my future.” -Maryam

“it helps me pronounce words properly and also improve my facial expression in Choral Speaking. It is also like a history lesson on Malaysia.” -Bethelle

“To be honest, initially I don’t know much about choral speaking. It was my mum who introduce and urge me to participate. After watching what choral speaking is on youtube, I became interested in participate. I know this is an activity where I can meet friends and learn new skills like public speaking and team coordination.” -Maryam

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