25 & 26 OCT 2019 8.30PM

Awang Batil: Hikayat Cendawan Putih (Legend of the White Mushroom)


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Awang Batil is a folk storyteller from Perlis.

Originally, the storyteller is known as ‘Awang Belanga’ due to the usage of belanga (a pot made of copper) as a musical accompaniment. However, since belanga during that time was filled with charcoal, storytellers replaced it with a batil (a water container made of copper). Thus, he was then known as Awang Batil.

Awang Batil inherits many folk tales and each tale is told continuously for several nights until it ends. Comedic elements are also injected in the storytelling and at times he will put on masks of ‘Hulubalang’ (Guard) or ‘Ahli Nujum” (Soothsayer).

In Perlis, there is only one Awang Batil – Encik Romli bin Mahmud, who inherits the talent and art of storytelling from his father, the late En Mahmud bin Wahid. He now resides in Kampung Pokok Sena, Chuping, Perlis. The performance will feature the Persatuan Teater Opera Mimpi Negeri Perlis (TOPENG) with a special appearance by Mr. Romli bin Mahmud.

For tickets, please call 016 203 0703 or 03 2614 8260


About the Organisers

Traditional Arts Showcase has been continuously staged in Kuala Lumpur by the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) since 2013. The Traditional Arts Showcase is a medium to preserve and conserve traditional arts heritage, apart from elevating the art to a higher level and is also a platform to establish Kuala Lumpur as a hub for traditional performing art.

Other Traditional Arts Showcase performances during KLIAF 2019 will be the night of Classical Malay Dances (Malam Tarian Klasik Melayu) on 27 and 28 September. Read more about this show here.

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