Dancing With Shadows–Chin Kong Yee


Exhibition:  Dancing With Shadows- Chin Kong Yee

Date:           9 August–2 September 2018

Venue:        Wei-Ling Contemporary Gallery

Website:     http://weiling-gallery.com/gallery/


On his first visit to Venice, Chin Kon Yee felt lost and lonely in the foreign land especially at night.  Upon his third visit, he found himself sitting in Piazza San Marco, and it brought back memories of 12 years ago. It appeared that the city seemed to have been frozen in time with the music, the moon above and the familiar scene all remained unchanged from a decade earlier.

Chin’s latest works are said to have been Inspired by his latest visit to Venice. The artist is said to have found himself in a “surreal, timeless and infinite realm”  where he was conscious that only his age and presence indicated the distinguishing changes.

Inspired by this experience, Chin developed a “visual narration of time” with a series of oil paintings that emphasise shadows.

“These paintings are considered interchangeable as they can be organised in multiple (and) different combinations in order to reflect the ever changing and evolving yet static entity of time.”

Presented by

KL International Arts Festival

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