Teh Tarik with the Flag


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Exhibition:      Teh Tarik with The Flag

Date:                23 July–17 September 2018

Venue:             Galeri 3B, Balai Seni Negara

Website:          http://www.artgallery.gov.my


Teh Tarik with The Flag features 14 selected prominent Malaysian artists to explore the symbolic power of the flag as a means to reflect on and extend the rich and complex story of the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ as a potent symbol and a marker of identity, unity, belief, and division.

A quintessential symbol of Malaysia’s national identity, the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ is composed of a field of 14 alternating red and white stripes, a blue canton bearing a crescent, and a 14-point star known as the ‘Bintang Perskeutuan’. Imbued with meaning, each design element speaks of the values ingrained in every Malaysian. The 14 stripes represent the equal status of the member states, while the 14 points of the star represent the unity inherent between these entities. In terms of color, blue is present to symbolize the unity of the Malaysian people, red to signify the strength and courage in facing challenges, white to remind of the importance of integrity, and yellow to indicate the royal colors of the rulers.

The exhibition presents works that invite the public to think carefully, both symbolically and visually, about how flags foster a sense of belonging, how we utilize them to assert our identities and express our connectedness to the world around us, and how they become key symbols in uniting or dividing a nation.

Participating artists are Anurendra Jegadeva, Cheng Yen Pheng, Chong Kim Chiew, Choy Chun Wei, Fauzan Omar, Hamidi Hadi, Hasnul Jamal Saidon, Hayati Mokhtar, HH Lim, Ivan Lam, Rajinder Singh, Sean Lean, Sulaiman Esa and Yau Bee Ling.

Presented by

KL International Arts Festival

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